Non-hierarchical Organizational Structure

The Arab Spring movement, as amazing as it was, is years (if not generations) away from accomplishing their goals. As a case in point, the driving force behind the toppling of Hosni Mubarak eventually created a political party (called the Revolution Continues) so that they would be represented in the new government. The party only secured 7 seats...less than 1.4% of the total. Women, who were also a driving force in the protest movement, actually lost ground from Mubarak had done for them. They now only hold 8 seats in the new government. Islamist groups, on the other hand, had been banned from government by Mubarak, but they still existed behind the scenes in a well organized religious structure. Because they had an institution with an active administration they now hold 73% of the seats in the new government. 

The Occupy Movement, in its 951 cities and 82 countries, cannot let this happen.

If the Occupy Movement starts today in not just pushing a protest narrative, but instead build an actual "governing narrative" for each and every country on Earth, then we will be able to actually get both systemic and policy change onto the political agendas. 
Disruption will attract media attention. An actual organization that has both a media institution and a policy think-tank in place will attract political attention.