Immediate Goal

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To create a "glocal" network for 
progressive policy change.
("Glocal" is defined as something that originates locally but has a global impact.)

The "Institutional Memory" of the MOCSIE Systems (Click on image for full-size view.)
The above image, which represents a database of "ideographic records," 
is explained in detail in a two-part video adaptation
of Leavitt's Cyber8 conference presentation.
(8th Global Conference on Cybercultures - May 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic)
Watch Video #1                Watch Video #2

If you haven't got the time to watch the videos, 
the following images capture the essential still-images from the presentation.
The Global Domain, with its six genres of media creativity and six all-inclusive policy campaigns.
(Click on image for full-size view.)

Drilling down through the layers of media, which is used to properly sort the 
artistic creativity that will go into creating the most compelling policy-change narratives.
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Drilling down through the sustaining institutions
through the meta-narrative communities
and into the micro-narrative communities.
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