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Lester Leavitt's Publications

Title of ArticlePublicationIssueRelated Links
A Purple Primaries Protocol for Progressive Policy Victories in 'Deep-Red' American States Administrative Theory & Praxis 
(in the "Sexual Orientation and Governance in Public Administration Theory" symposium)
Volume 35
Issue 3 (pg.457)(September 2013) 
M.E. Sharpe
(link to a video adaptation of article)
Institutional Memory and ICT: Ingredients for Direct Democracy and Global Solidarity International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development Volume 5
Issue 3 
(September 2013)

A Digital Humanities Database: A Tool for Accessible Democracy  AIS eLibrary
(All conference papers are published electronically.)
MCIS 2012 Proceedings
(paper #4)

(link to a video adaptation of article)

(These are writings of mine from very early in graduate school that are archived here for lack of a better place to 'retain' them.)