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"Occupied Squares"

The "Occupied Squares" Project

Using a global "virtual institution" to reclaim the 
democratic process from the elites! 

The objectives of the MOCSIE Systems "virtual government" cannot be realized 
until there is a base of "hard-core geeks" who are willing to work with Mickey Rowe (the project leader) and 
put the time in to create a "virtual world" on the OpenSimulator (or similar) platform.

In addition to linking to the web images of our 2012 experimental launch on the Second Life gaming platform (below), people investigating this element of the MOCSIE Systems are encouraged to watch the 3-part video adaptation of a conference presentation that was given at a ICIS 2012 pre-conference event entitled "Augmented Reality." 
The pre-conference event was hosted by the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.
Video #1              Video #2            Video #3

The goal of the "occupied squares" project is to leverage social media and the Internet in such a way that we can create an actual virtual-world governing and policy making institution that is transnational, non-hierarchical, and barrier-free to all participants.
This proposed virtual institution that you are now exploring is designed to be self-funding and pay part-time salaries once enough traffic can be driven to the web domains, database, and eventual on-line store.

To take a web-based tour of all of the features of the "Occupied Squares" project that we hope to establish on the OpenSimulator platform (an off-shoot of Second Life) use this gateway link or the menu below.