The Residences of the "Occupied Squares" Project of MOCSIE

Each MOCSIE organization, whether it is an individual group action, a city-based action, or a national action, must be organized with 18 individuals that operate as a team in a non-hierarchical business structure. These individuals need a place to call "home" in the virtual world. It is a place that you can keep a few things that you accumulate, bring people to so that you can show off who you are as a person in "real life," and change clothes in privacy. Your virtual home, in a very real sense, is part of your identity, and the goal is to have that identity as seamless in the virtual world as it is between your home and workplace in the real world.

There are 18 residences provided as part of any "occupied square," whether it is a 256m x 256m full region, where each of the 18 individuals get a home or half-duplex, or whether it is an apartment in a skybox, which is what would be provided with a 64m x 64m "Occupied Square."