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ARatICIS2012: The Augmented Reality Pre-conference at the 
International Conference on Information Systems
Presentation of paper entitled:
"Augmented Reality ICT and Governing: 
Imagining a Day when Elections become Redundant"
Watch Lester's three-part video series presentation of his research proposal that was presented at the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR) pre-conference event on December 16, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. The annual conference, organized by the international Association for Information Systems (AIS), is the largest and most prestigious information systems conference in the world, with over 4000 attendees. Each video is 15 minutes long, but essential if you are interested in this work.

                          Video 1 of 3                                                   Video 2 of 3                                                Video 3 of 3
            A Virtual Institution and Community                Monetizing Creation and Commerce                  Augmented Reality Governing