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Work With Us

The following positions will be paid positions once the web pages can be monetized.

Leavitt is constantly pursuing grant funding to support this project, and if sufficient grant funding is secured it would also provide for the funding of salaries to support the following positions.

In the meantime, please volunteer 
to ensure that you are irreplaceable when the funding is approved!

1) Second Life Host/Hostess

The person who fills this volunteer position will need to be qualified (or motivated to become qualified) to coordinate the staffing of 17 additional positions in the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life has a fairly steep learning curve and the person in this position will need to be available within this virtual reality platform a great deal of the time. It is ideally suited to somebody living on a disability income, in semi-retirement, or who has a secondary income that covers the daily cost-of-living. Skills in C++ or similar computer programming language would be helpful because Second Life uses a similar language in running their proprietary programming language. If the individual who fills this position is already familiar with Second Life then it is possible that they could supplement their income with income in Linden $ (a currency that can be converted to local real-world currency on the open exchange).

2) Computer Programmer

The person who fills this volunteer position will have an understanding of how current applications interface with each other. Leavitt has taken a master's level course over the summer semester (May to August 2012) in .NET Framework applications in order to better understand the "handshake" between virtual reality applications, current social media applications, on-line commerce, and the monetizing of a web audience with the intent of capitalizing on these ideas to promote the viability of an online government and governing institution. Leavitt is still, at best, a novice, therefore somebody with experience in these applications is going to be vital. The existing system has been assembled as a model of what needs to be done and can be accessed by linking to the "MOCSIEWeb Database" in the left sidebar. Experience should include the ability to launch a cloud-based relational database.

3) Database Records Compiler

The relational database project (see five YouTube videos from MCIS Conference and research paper entitled, "A Digital Humanities Database: A Toold for Accessible Democracy) will be comprised of hyperlinks to and images of some of the most innovative thinkers in how a new governing narrative will be structured and how to construct viable policy initiatives. The individual who fills this position will ideally have a background in media and communication. They will understand framing and contextualizing, as it relates to the mainstream media, and they will likewise understand how the global situation at this moment is harmful to the already marginalized and oppressed minorities. This position will not require extensive programming skills inasmuch as the data entry format of the hyperlinks will be provided by Leavitt and the .NET expert (above). It will simply require that this individual spearhead a global community of fellow volunteers who will be compiling a massive database that, at some point in the near future, will be uploaded to the cloud-based SQL Server (or similar platform) database.

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