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As bricks are to a barrier wall, ideographs are to narratives

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Taken as "records" in a database, the logic behind the database is that if a database algorithm can be structured in a way to pull out these records in meaningful threads, then the database could actually serve as a "narrative generator" and crowd-sourced ideographs, if properly archived when uploaded, would immediately be useful in policy-supporting arguments.

The idea originated when Leavitt was trying to pull "narratives" out of literally dozens of "Occupy" movement domains in the fall of 2011. The task was almost impossible, and prohibitively time-consuming, in spite of the fact that many of the narratives from one city to the next were quite similar.

The application is currently in its infancy, and Leavitt is in desperate need of a visionary database programming expert to take this to the next level. The links below will require that you first get Leavitt on the phone and he will walk you through the logic. 

Leavitt has several grant funding options available for when the right programmer comes along.